Welcome to Caimeli

The Experience

Caimeli is a place unique unto itself.
 We can only describe this tranquil environment as
“a posto,” or simply; “everything is in order and in its place.” Majestically perched among the green Umbrian mountains, and basking under beautiful blue skies,
Caimeli is a 40-acre olive plantation situated in an environment of incomparable natural beauty. Whether you are involved in one of our programs (or merely renting our facilities in a self-catering capacity), the region offers exquisite foods, delicious wines, and a wide variety of extra curricular activities. In addition, any vegetables, fruits, cheese and meats offered to you while staying at Caimeli will be either produced on-site or bought directly from local farmers. Pastas and pizzas are homemade and, of course, will always be mixed with Caimeli’s fabulous olive oil. Caimeli peacefully awaits your arrival offering a remarkable setting where chic luxury and idle self-indulgence are naturally available to compliment any Umbrian experience.

The Mission and Philosophy

Caimeli is committed to protecting its environment. Sustainable farming for the trees, irrigation utilizing wastewater, and bio-waste feed for the pigs are all part of the process. Caimeli has its own well and has future plans to supply all of its energy by solar and photovoltaic means. To live this philosophy, Caimeli is supporting Climate Care by pledging to pay CO2 offsets for its guests travel emissions. Climate Care is a service that reduces greenhouse gases on behalf of individuals and organizations to compensate for their impact on the climate. It does this by “offsetting” the greenhouse gases- such as C02 – emitted from your activities by reducing an equivalent amount of C02 on your behalf. These reductions are made through a range of projects in sustainable energy technologies that not only fight climate change but also can bring widespread benefits to communities around the world. We encourage our guests to enhance our commitment to the environment individual donations to offset emissions from flying, driving, and household energy use.

The Yoga Space

Sometimes our bodies crave a little extra time and attention. Caimeli will provide a renewal for each person’s body, mind, and spirit through nourishment, care and a pure form of living. Accommodations can be rented for a personal use or for a retreat. They are situated to allow both private and group interaction.
Each building has its own personal features making it a unique and peaceful environment. The estate has an infinity swimming pool and is surrounded by olive trees and open countryside. The yoga studio is 70 sq. meters with high ceilings and beautiful views of the green hills of Umbria. There will be 2 yoga classes a day and each student can participate at his or her own level of ability. Three meals are served daily and there is plenty of free time to chill out, read or sleep under an olive tree, and explore the local villages and countryside.

The Pleasures of a Caimeli Retreat

Set amidst acres of olive trees and green mountains it is no surprise that most of our guests spend a large part of their experience outdoors. We offer you a number of ways to soak up the natural beauty of this unforgettable location within our on site facilities. On the property we have an infinity swimming pool of
17 x 4 metres, and for the children a trampoline and balance lines.
 Circumventing the property, we have hiking and running trails galore for the beginner to the experienced. For the indoor person we could entice you with individual cooking, language, or even yoga classes for your enjoyment all by appointment only. The area around Caimeli is called “The Alte Tevere” which is stepped in history and culture. Caimeli has a myriad list of unique tours and adventures, which could provide you and your family the perfect opportunities to explore. Whether its shopping, visiting hill top villages, or hiking through Monti Sibilini you are sure to find one of our many activities satisfying to your thirst for adventure, culture or even relaxation.

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