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Roseto Valfortore, Puglia, May 16th – 23rd, 201508 View, June 13th-20th, 2015

Healing & Transformational Hummingbird Retreats

Two kindred spirits, Olwyn and Liz, have combined visions to bring you the powerfully healing and truly unique Hummingbird Retreats.

Join us on the path to liberation at a beautiful Italian family home where you will be welcomed as a member of the family and invited to taste the real Dolce Vita that is rural Italian life. Set in an idyllic historical village nestled in the serenity of the breathtakingly beautiful southern Italian mountains, the villa is the heart of a small family holding, surrounded by open fields, forests and rolling hills. It is the perfect place to go within and find true inner peace.

During your 7-day retreat, you will embark upon a journey of transformation during which we 12 Yogawill equip you with the knowledge to truly nourish your body, mind and soul. You will learn techniques to free yourself from unnecessary emotional, mental and physical suffering – and you will have a chance to bond with inspiring people. Lots of fun will be had, lots of laughter will be shared – and great, fresh food will be enjoyed.

Using a potent combination of ancient meditation techniques, yoga & massage, we will work on releasing stagnant emotions within the body & mind, thus freeing up tremendous energy for you to indulge in the things you love. This will be perfectly supported by highly nutritious, delicious and detoxifying food – prepared with the greatest amount of care by a true expert.

What We Pledge To Give You:

7 nights family villa accommodation *10 View
3 highly nutritious home-made meals a day including a daily detoxifying juice and superfood smoothie (some ingredients will be organic, home-grown produce)
Individual 1 hour consultations with Olwyn and Liz
Deeply healing massages to assist in the release of stuck emotions (accompanied with music composed by Liz using mantra and healing frequencies to augment the healing and liberation process)
Daily Yoga (Kundalini and Vinyasa Flow)
Deep transformational meditation using techniques from ancient India and Tibet
Culinary workshops to equip you with the knowledge to eat in order to thrive
A horary consultation (the use of astrology to answer a specific question)
Take-home 40-day Kundalini yoga practice to support you after the retreat
Recipe booklet written by Olwynfood 5
Booklet written by Liz to equip you with the tools for nurturing long-term emotional health
Covered swimming pool (semi-covered on particularly warm days)
Outdoor activities and mountain trekking
Evening activities
Airport transfers in Italy (we kindly request you to be at the pick-up point on the time and date specified. For airport drop-off, the car will make one trip to the specified airport at the specified time). Closest airport is Naples.
* rooms will be shared – 3 in one room, 2 in the other (a wonderful way to bond and form long-lasting connections). You will have your own bed – both rooms are very large & comfortable with their own private en-suite bathrooms.


16th – 23rd MAY 2015
30th MAY – 6th JUNE 2015 – sold out
13th – 20th JUNE 2015

These retreats will be small and intimate – there will only be 5 guests per retreat, allowing us not only to give each one of you our full attention, but also to co-create the retreat experience with you. We’re offering this unique, life-changing week at the very special introductory rate of just £880 per person. There are absolutely no hidden extras and we guarantee you will come away feeling refreshed, revived – and fully empowered! Special discounts are on offer for referrals and bookings of 2 or more people.

If you are interested, simply email Liz at, or Olwyn at – and they will happily send you a welcome pack containing details of how to secure your place. We are also available for a chat on Skype before you make your booking to answer any questions you may have – and get to know you.

We eagerly await the opportunity to share our knowledge and healing with you. True liberation comes from within – and with open arms & hearts we invite you to join us on the road that will lead you there.

A Little About Olwyn & Liz:07 View


As far back as she can remember, Olwyn has been interested in food and nutrition. Always looking for a lifestyle that would serve to make her feel her best and enable her life to flow in the direction of her dreams, she discovered raw living food and felt its powerful healing effects.

A raw food chef apprenticeship in Bali (2011) took her creativity and passion to a whole new level once she could see what was possible in the art of preparation and presentation of raw living foods.

Upon returning to London, Olwyn joined a team of enthusiastic and creative peers at The Wild Food Café in Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden. Her years cheffing in a whole food and raw-centric professional restaurant environment further developed her culinary skills. This experience also gave her the opportunity to witness the positive effects that food, made with love in a high-vibrational environment, had on every individual that dined at the restaurant; itis a catalyst for transformation of the body, mind and spirit. In addition to her work at the Wild Food Café, Olwyn spent time preparing individual cleansing programs at The Detox Kitchen in London. This further gave her insight into the power of food as a medicine.

Over the years Olwyn has had much personal experience of different levels of detoxing 09 Viewthrough raw living food, fasting, juice fasting and various other cleansing methods. From this platform, she is excited to be able to offer this experience to others in a retreat environment. Olwyn believes that a week of eating high-vibrational living food combined with yoga and other specific healing modalities is a perfect setting for enabling the body to open its channels of self-healing and return to its magnificent potential. It is for that purpose that the Hummingbird retreat has been designed for individuals seeking transformation in their lives.

Olwyn looks forward to meeting you all and letting the magic unfold!


Liz grew up as a dancer, pouring her passion into studying classical ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary and modern dance for 16 years. She first encountered the healing, energising and empowering beauty of yoga 13 years ago, and in 2011 she took a life-changing journey to India, where she studied intensely at the Ashiyana Yoga Centre, qualifying as a fully certified Yoga Alliance teacher.

As a teacher, she extremely caring and nurturing. Her background in dance has blessed her with instinctive body awareness, making her a natural and powerful body worker. Her graceful, playful classes incorporate breath work, meditation and deep relaxation – consistently delivering profoundly transformational results. Based on Vinyasa Flow, Liz adds a little of her own creative twist, forming a practice that is invigorating, gently challenging, yet accessible to all levels of practitioners. She will also be incorporating elements of the deeply healing practice known as Kundalini Yoga into the retreats to further facilitate growth and release.

Also a qualified Body Flow System massage therapist – Liz brings to you one of the most effective holistic massage treatments available. This unique massage therapy seamlessly blends techniques from Remedial Deep Tissue massage (sports massage), Chinese massage, Thai massage, Swedish massage, Meridian Therapy, principles from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupressure and Reflexology – plus techniques unique to the Body Flow System – into a potent blend that is the ultimate in holistic massage therapy.

Musculoskeletal tension is alleviated – and damaging toxins and blockages are rapidly purged from the circulatory, eliminatory, and respiratory systems. Emotional toxicity held deep within the cells is also released, immediately allowing the entire body and mind to find a place of new-found equilibrium and empowerment.

In addition to yoga and dance, another of Liz’s lifelong passions is making music. All of her classes are accompanied by beautiful playlists, each track lovingly selected by Liz. She has also created a unique sonic soundscape to accompany her massage therapy, using sacred healing sound frequencies, mantras and original compositions to help induce profound healing and transformation.

She has spent the last 7 months in relative isolation, immersing herself in the study of spirituality and healing. Combining many hours in meditation with spiritual study, Liz has experienced profound realisations on how we can truly heal ourselves on deep emotional and mental levels. She is so excited to meet you and offer all of this to you on the Hummingbird retreat.

All we ask of you is that you come to us with an open heart, an open mind – and a true intention to let go. The path is before you – it is up to you to walk it…

Cost: £880 per person

Contact: | Call: 1 619 312 4082