Nido del Pellegrino

The holiday house “Nido del Pellegrino” is located on the Favignana’s Grosso coastline, obtained restoring a former military structure dating back to World War II. It’s a residence on the sea intended for people searching a relaxing and reserved haven: a Mediterranean oasis, tonic and characterised by its scents and quiet. Those who appreciate a simple style without abandoning refined settings will enjoy the charm of this place, which the inhabitants call “the most beautiful place in Favignana and Egadi islands” and when the Guest looks from the veranda at the breath-taking Mediterranean Sea and its sunsets, he cannot help sharing such opinion: the right holidays in Favignana.

Favignana is the major island of the archipelago, which is also Municipal seat covering an area of 20 sq. Km. and a coastline unwinding for over 33 km. Favignana has been named after the Favonius wind (sweet west-blowing breeze) and is shaped like a butterfly with unfolded wings, represented by two planes on both the eastern and western sides of the Montagna Grossa overlooking S. Caterina castle (302 Mt.), an ancient Saracen watchpost, rebuilt by the Norsemen king Roger II and used as a prison during the Bourbon period (1794-1860).
Today the island with its beaches, rocks, beautiful coves and unspoiled sea is a longed-for tourist resort, joining the modern and the old, traditions of a village that has always lived on the sea, namely tun fishing.

Lying at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, Favignana has always been a strategic place for all the people looking on such sea and who fought epic battles to posses it.
One of the most important of such battles took place on the sea in front of the island between Romans and Carthaginians in 241 BC, and was determining to the outcome of the First Punic War. History records that the water upon which the fighting occurred became red for the blood shed by the fighters and since then the facing bay was named Cala Rossa (Red Cove).
Still today, these waters recalling history and legend hide the secrets of ancient battles in their depths. Actually many researches record archaeological areas by the coast of all the islands in the archipelago and this is witnessed by many findings, protected by a cam circuit and by the Italian Law, available for an underwater visit.

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