About Us

Yoga is an ancient, refined practice designed for the overall improvement of physical and mental health. The practice integrates body, breath, and mind actively to produce an integrated effect on the whole bodymind system.

Breath control plays an important role in yoga practice, as increasing awareness of the breath expands and improves the capacity of the lungs. Just as exertion in the form of exercise is important for health, so is relaxation. The relaxation of yoga practice has a rejuvenating effect.

The body’s healing and rejuvenating abilities are at their greatest effect when they are not disturbed by emotional aggravation, muscular tension, or sensory impulses. Likewise, the practice of yoga can be enhanced by extended focus in a relaxed and reflective environment.

The land, history, food, and art of Italy provide a perfect atmosphere for intensive extended yoga practice, combining a memorable vacation with a profound learning experience. By practicing yoga in Italy you can take advantage of this deep rejuvenating effect.

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